Good Feedback (09/01/2004 by Andreas Schempp)


I came across your ToastMount software while searching for something the other day. I just wanted to acknowledge that I appreciate you writing software that enhances the Toast product. Keep up the good work.



Adam Fingerman
Director, Mac Products
Roxio, Inc.

ToastMount 2.0.1 Released (05/11/2004 by Andreas Schempp)

Thanks to Keith van Stolk-Riley!
He mailed me that ToastMount does always say there's a new version available if you do not have an internet connection.
This has been fixed in 2.0.1

ToastMount 2.0 Released (05/08/2004 by Andreas Schempp)

Someone filed a feature request to support hybrid iso images. The attemp to add this feature resulted in a complete rewrite of ToastMount.

Check the download page to see whats new.

ToastMount 1.2.1 Released (02/19/2004 by Andreas Schempp)

The application has been released earlier (10/14/2003) but I will add this information here for completeness.

ToastMount 1.2.1 supports Roxio Toast 5 and 6 on Mac OS X.

New Site Online (02/19/2004 by Andreas Schempp)

The new site for ToastMount is finaly online.
Here you will find all information about my little app.